Stefan Popović

Stefan Popovic is a journalist, TV & radio host and actor from Australia, of Serbian origin. He set the internet alight and became a hit on social networking sites after an article he wrote about Serbia on his blog, ‘The Daily Male’. He showed how one can love and understand his homeland even though they may be very far from it. His article “Ten Reasons to Start an Adventure in Serbia” had record readings with several hundred thousand reviews. Stefan graduated university with a degree in Journalism, he works as a TV presenter in Australia, his mother from Kosovo, and his father from Niš, and though he was was born in Australia, Stefan says he loves every inch of Serbia. He’s done a few more important things: he jumped from the bridge in Mostar, defeated NBA legend Vlade Divac in a shot from half-court, recorded a funny song in English about Serbian history so that the foreigners could learn something about us and he even starred in Darko Bajic’s film “We’ll be World Champions”. Added to all of that, he’s just finished filming a documentary about the Serbian and world cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.