Srdjan Mijalkovic

Srđan Mijalković was born in Serbia, in Leskovac. He finished high school in his home town, and then graduated from Faculty of Philology at Belgrade University. He is a professor of the Serbian language and literature. He defended his master’s thesis in Vienna and earned the title of MBA in Social Management.

For the last 30 years, he has been engaged in pedagogical, social and cultural work with children and the young in Vienna, particularly in the sphere of integration. He has been an author, initiator, and associate on many projects and programmes in his sphere of interest.

He is one of the founders and the first President of the Serbian Cultural and Educational Society “Prosvjeta” in Austria. As the President he is fiercely committed to preserving the Serbian language, culture, and heritage in Austria, Europe and the motherland.

He has been initiator, founder, and organizer of numerous programmes and projects, the most important of those being: “Prosvjeta’s school of the Serbian language”, “Serbian New Year’s Concert in Vienna”, “Prosvjeta’s children choir”, “Assistance in learning”, “Meet works and authors of the Serbian literature”, “Meetings and discussions”, etc.

He was awarded Gold Pin by the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia, “Charter for Strengthening Friendship and Cooperation of Orthodox people in the world”, “Prosvjeta’s Great Charter”, etc. All these awards serve as recognition for his contribution to preserving and strengthening of the Serbian language, culture, heritage, and education. He is a member of the board of the Serbian Cultural and Educational Society “Prosvjeta” and of the Diaspora Business Council of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Contact details:,  +4369919418061