Slavica Mastikosa

Slavica Panzalović alias Slavica Mastikosa adopted her maiden name Mastikosa as her literary pseudonym under which she has published all her literary works so far.

In 1971, she moved to Frankfurt am Mein in search for a better life. She lived, worked, and laughed there for many years all the time suffering for her homeland.

After having returned to the homeland, she accepted the position of coordinator of the writers’ association “Sedmica” from Frankfurt that oversees cooperation with the motherland. She lives with her daughter Radmila close to Belgrade, in Meljak.

She has won numerous literary awards.

In 2017, Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia – the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region awarded her with a recognition of achievement Gold Pin.

She has published the following novels:

“Tri hleba nasušna” (three editions)

“Tri hleba nasušna na polici vremena” – winner of the international prize Slovo Podgrmeča

“Međaši savesti” (two editions)

“Zakon srca” (two editions)

Collection of poems: “Jutrenje”

She has published papers in illustrated magazines and works in numerous collections and anthologies.

She is represented in biographical lexicon “Serbian Writers in Diaspora 1914-2014”, authored and published by Milena Milanović.

She is a member of The Association of Serbian Writers and writers’ association “Sedmica” from Frankfurt am Mein where she is the coordinator for cooperation with the motherland.

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