Open Day for students from the Diaspora

Diaspora Day in Belgrade
Open Day for students from the Diaspora
11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Singidunum University, Belgrade

Reserve this date! Belgrade 7. July

Join us for Diaspora Day in Serbia!
Take part in discussions, round tables, exhibits and competitions

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Serbia and its Diaspora – Capabilities and potentials of the Diaspora, needs and solutions;
  • Serbian Diaspora, education and collective mind of one nation;
  • Diaspora youth;
  • Nikola Tesla unites Serbian people around the world:
    • Open Day for Diaspora students;
    • What do we know about Tesla? – Quiz and prizes.

Representatives of the Diaspora and the motherland will be present to join the discussions and networking events, including ambassadors, renowned academics, students from the Diaspora and Serbia, regional as well as Diaspora organizations from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and other countries.

During Diaspora Day, the Tesla Science Foundation will organise a Tesla Talk presentation, an exhibit and a cocktail reception, as well as networking activities.

Serbian Diaspora from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries around the world, we invite all to join us!

Organizatori: Tesla Naučna Fondacija izUSA i Srbije i Univerzitet Singidunum

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Link to photos of Diaspora Day 2016