Nikola Lončar

Nikola Lončar is probably one of the most active members of diaspora today. He is the President and founder of the Tesla Science Foundation in the USA. He lives and works in Pennsylvania. His speciality lies in research of unlawful methods of entry into certain business institutions or privately-owned objects (forensic locksmithing). He is a member of the National Association of Research Development Professionals and International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. His decision to pursue this field of interest was made after having spent many years working in different areas of security, only to start his own security company in Philadelphia in 1986. Working in city areas with high crime rate provided his with an insight into the fact that security systems were not developed enough to fight the experienced criminals, so he designed a lock tool comprising of 4 to 24 points and sensors that could detect any intrusion. He is a recipient of a Benjamin Franklin award (given by Benjamin Franklin Technology Centre), an award from the state of Pennsylvania and the Nikola Tesla gold medal which is awarded annually for the best invention.

Nikola Lončar is President of the Tesla Science Foundation, Philadelphia, USA that has existed for over ten years. It was founded in the Serbian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia as a non-profit educational institution. It continued its work in the City Library where it was joined in by many Americans, primarily of Italian origin and some of German, as well. Afterwards many Serbs living in the USA also joined in.

Today, the Tesla Science Foundation is the most active organization dedicated to Nikola Tesla in the USA, and one of the most active organizations of Serbian diaspora worldwide. Apart from its other activities, the Foundation is currently engaged in introducing Nikola Tesla to the USA curricula, this being the most significant pledge to future generations.

The City of Philadelphia is the first city in the world to declare the Nikola Tesla’s birthday as a holiday. At midnight on July 9th the celebrations take place. Philadelphia is the first capital city of the USA. The place that hosts the celebrations is also the place where the first USA constitution and the bell that announced the USA independence are kept. It is the only place in the USA, which is the property of the US government, where Serbian and US flags are displayed together commemorating Tesla’s birthday. The last time Serbian and US flags were put up together was during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, a great friend of Mihajlo Pupin. It was by sheer coincidence that the first Serb to arrive to the USA, Đorđe Šagić, disembarked in Philadelphia.