Mirjana Samardžija


Mirjana Samardzija is an experienced professional in the field of finance and management, and is one of the most respected American women of Serbian origin in the States. She led the Serbian Unity Congress, SUC, as President for seven years and was also a Board member for many years.  SUC has been the main organization of Serbian Diaspora since 1990.

Samardzija co-founded the organization Vision and Action in Serbia, an organization of professional women, with the vision that women as experts in their professions could and should contribute to the better future of their nation and the development of democracy and civil society.

In 1995 she co-founded the American Serbian Women’s Caucus, ASWC, an American humanitarian organization involved in seeking justice for human rights violations of Serbs during the 90s wars in the Balkans.  ASWC contributed to procuring witnesses and documentation material to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, and facilitated the first tribunal proceeding for war crimes against Serbs in Celebici and other cases.

During her career in finance she was Executive Director of Financial Management Solutions, a consulting service in San Francisco, Treasurer and Director of Finance at Pacific Telesis International, San Francisco, which developed new businesses in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Great Britain and Spain. Prior to that she was Vice President in Project Finance at Crocker National Bank, San Francisco specializing in both international and domestic projects.  She also spent several years in the US Government in international trade and finance with the US General Accounting Office, in planning and evaluation and East-West trade at the US Department of Commerce and in the private sector as a consultant for the Yugoslavian and Romanian markets at the beginning of her career.

Mirjana Samardzija has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Environmental Leadership Network, WELL.  She has recently been chosen as Vice-President and Director of the Studenica Foundation, as well as a member of this organization’s executive committee.