Marko Lopusina

Marko Lopusina is a journalist and publicist. He is the author of 50 feuilletons on immigrants, intelligence services and delinquency. Winner of the award Laza Kostic for juornalism. Winner of the award for International reportage in Sombor 2004. Owner of “Vuk S. Karadzic” medal. He was inserted in the book: ”Who is who in Serbia”, and, ”Who is who in USA and Canada.” for 2008/09.

Some of the books Marko wrote include:

“The mysterious Yugoslav murderers”(1987)(1997), “The black book of censures in Yugoslavia 1945-91”,(1991), “All Serbs of the World”(1994), “Kill your neighbour 1” (1996)(1997),”Kill your neighbour 2” (1997), ”Kill your neighbour 3”(1998), ”CIA against Yugoslavia”(1997), “All Serbs of the world –guide through Diaspora” (1998.),

“World secret services”, “World mafias”, “ The richest Serbs in the world”, “The KLA against Yugoslavia”, “The Balkan death- Albanian drug mafia”, “Nikola Kavaja- the last Serbian commando “(1999), and in 2000. “Secrets of Serbian police”, “Encyclopedia of mafia”, “Espionage encyclopedia” “KGB against Yugoslavia”, “Serbs in USA”, “Hunting Milosevic” (2000.), “Komandant Arkan”, (2000) “Who is who in Yu-mafia”, “Radovan Karadzic”, “Serbian mafia”, “Montenergro clan”, “FBI and Serbs”, “Killing Mr. Djindjic” (2003.),

“Albanian mafia”, “Zemun mafia”, “Balkanian mafia”, “KOS”, “Serbian secret services” (2006.), “Hunting Ratko Mladic”,

“Illustrated history of Serbian diaspora”, “Serbs in America” (2009.), “Srbs in Australia”, “Masons in Serbia” , “CIA in Serbia” (2010), “Encyclopedia of serbian diaspora”, “Serbs in Scandinavia”, “Srebs in East Europe” (2017).

The books written by Marko Lopusina can be read on Internet:

He is born in 1951 in Raska, Serbia. He finished primary school and secondary school in Brus and the Faculty of political science in Belgrade. He worked for the newspaper “Secondary raw materials” as a journalist and editor, for the magazine “Hello”(Zdravo) as a journalist, for the magazine “Interview” since 1981 as a journalist, and editor, and since 1997. as the editor-in-chief and editor of the magazine “Profile” 1999. and “Nedeljni Telegraf” 2008., and after that at  “VEČERNJE NOVOSTI” from Belgrade:

He was the contributor for the papers: ”Politika”, “Ilustrovana Politika”, “Revija 92”, “TV Novosti” “Dnevnik”, “Jedinstvo”, “TV Politika”,”Arena”, “Start”, “Penthouse” from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Prishtina and Zagreb.