Marina Švabić

Marina Schwabic is the accomplished senior business, marketing, and public/government affairs professional with over 20 years of experience in leadership positions in private and public sector, both in the U.S. and in Serbia. Her clients/employers were Coca-Cola, American Showtime Networks, HTC Mobile, Hellenic Petroleum, Alpha Bank Serbia, Government of Serbia, UNDP, the Tesla Science Foundation and most recently she acted as the Regional Manager, Business Assistance Program at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation. Ms. Schwabic holds the Master of Public Administration degree from the Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government; Master in Communications degree from The New School for Social Research in New York, and a Law degree from the Belgrade University Law School. (
As the dual U.S. and Serbian citizen, Ms. Schwabic spent more than 20 years in the U.S. and from 1999 she acted as the Serbian Diaspora activist and a policy entrepreneur. She is the creator of several academic policy papers on the Global Diaspora (“Easy repatriation of the senior Diaspora back to their Homeland”, “Medicare Incentives for repatriation of retired U.S. Diaspora back to their Homeland” etc.), which were recognized at Harvard University and Migration Policy Institute.
For the last four years she served as the Executive Director of Tesla Science Foundation in New York/Los Angeles, and has done a tremendous job in raising awareness not only of the life and legacy of Serbian-American scientist, Nikola Tesla, but she passionately promoted the Republic of Serbia to the Serbian communities in the U.S. She successfully orchestrated numerous Tesla and Diaspora related conferences and fundraising events and was featured in leading American financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal, New York Observer and numerous Serbian media. She is especially proud of her professional cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia; Serbian Embassies at the UN and in Washington, the General Consulate of the Republic of Serbia in New York; the Serbian Orthodox Church in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles, MFA Office of Diaspora ; and HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Catherine.