Jovan Filipovic

Jovan Filipovic is a Quality management professor and Head of the Quality Management and Standardization Department at Belgrade University Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He earned his Ph.D. and MSME from Purdue Univesity (USA) School of Mechanical Engineering and BSME from Belgrade University School of Mechanical Engineering. He also earned his Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) Faculty of Public Administration, defending his thesis entitled: “Management of the Serbian Diaspora Virtual Organization as a Complex Organization”.

Dr. Filipovic is the Executive director of GEPS, an organization dedicated to networking Serbian experts in the world. He was the Vice-Dean for Quality and International Cooperation,  Vice-president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Adviser to the Prime-Minister of Serbia, State Secretary for Diaspora and a member of the National Diaspora Council. Dr. Filipovic is the author of several books and large number of papers published in indexed international and Serbian journals, many of which are dedicated to diaspora issues. He is married to Jelena Filipovic, PhD, Professor at the Faculty of Phylology, University of Belgrade and father of 14 years old twins, Jelica and Miodrag.