Vladimir Grečić

Vladimir Grečić, a full professor at Faculty of Economics at Belgrade University, was born on Febraury 3rd 1938 in Laznica, near Žagubica. He graduated from Faculty of Economics at Belgrade University in 1966 and defended his master thesis in 1970. He earned his PhD in 1972 by defending his doctoral thesis entitled “Migrations of workforce in Europe”. He worked at Institute of International Politics and Economics as an assistant and a research assistant (1968–1973), a research associate (1973–1976), a research fellow (1976-1981), a senior research fellow (1981–1991), a scientific advisor (1991–2006), as well as the associate (1984–1988) and the deputy director of the Institute (1990–1997, 2001–2006). In the period 1985–1986, he was a Fulbright fellow in the USA, at the University of Pittsburgh, researching issues concerning Serbian diaspora in the North America, particularly in the USA. He was engaged in study programmes at the same university in 1978, 1980 and 1991. He also participated in study programmes in the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and China.

He was teaching Labour Economics course at Faculty of Economics at Belgrade University from 1992 till his retirement (2003). He occasionally taught at other faculties and universities in the country and abroad and held lectures as an invited speaker in several countries.

The sphere of his interest lies in international migrations, including “brain drain”, and in particular migrations of the Serbs, refugee issues, and similar topics.
He has published over 200 scientific papers and books that mostly deal with issues of population migrations. 41 of those have been published in a foreign language – English, French, German, and Russian. He was an editor in ten collections of papers. He is a member of the editorial board of the Serbian Encyclopaedia and editor of the advisory board for “diaspora” (published by Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Matica Srpska); he is a member of the editorial board of Review of International Affairs.

He is a full member of Serbian Academy of Economic Sciences and Serbian Scientific Society of Economists, as well as a member of SASA’s Academic board for population studies. He also served as a member of the Council for Diaspora in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (2001-2003), as well as a member of editorials in several national journals. He participated in approximately eighty international and over a hundred domestic scientific conferences with his papers.