Diaspora Day Held at Singidunum University

Diaspora Day Held at Singidunum University

Singidunum University hosted Diaspora Day 2017.

The event was held on Thursday, July 6, organised by Tesla Science Foundation from the United States and Serbia, Singidunum University and partner organisations from the diaspora and the motherland.


Diaspora Day was attended by representatives of the motherland and the diaspora, ambassadors, the highest representatives of the Academy, Universities and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, students from Serbia and abroad, as well as pupils and teachers of secondary schools.


Diaspora Day 2017 covered various topic of interest for Serbian expatriates and Serbs in the region: relations between the motherland and the diaspora; links and cooperation; Serbian identity in the 21st century and Serbian language; young diaspora, its return and engagement; Serbian language and the diaspora; eliminating disinformation about Serbia – how to restore the good name of Serbia.


The following were the speakers at the Plenary Session:

  • Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, President of Singidunum University
  • Slavka Drašković, PhD, Vice President and Director of Studenica Foundation USA, Professor of Singidunum University
  • Miroslav Michael Đorđević, President of Studenica Foundation, San Francisco, USA
  • Academician Zoran Radović, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Nikola Lončar, President of Tesla Science Foundation, Philadelphia, USA
  • Miodrag Mića Jakšić, President of Serbian Heritage Foundation (Matica iseljenika)
  • Olga Danilović, Vienna, Austria
  • Dragan Hamović, special adviser to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Serbia


The first prize from the Tesla Science Foundation, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented on this occasion to Mr. Miroslav Michael Đorđević, President of the Studenica Foundation for his immense contribution to keeping and improving reputation of Serbian people and for long time engagement in building relations between the diaspora and the motherland.

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The Tesla Spirit Award, presented to those who share values nurtured by our most respected scientist, was granted to President of Singidunum University, Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, for his dedication to Serbian diaspora and his continuous innovative professional work.

Tesla Science Foundation awarded the medal for special contributions to the fund Dr. Marko Jarić.


The event was also attended by scholarship holders and alumni members of Studenica Foundation from San Francisco, young people and secondary school pupils from Budapest, young people and organizations from the Republic of Srpska, Romania, and many, many others from Croatia, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Austria, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc.

The official program was followed by an exhibition of books on the diaspora and Serbs in the region.


Diaspora Day 2017 was successfully organised by Singidunum University and Tesla Science Foundation from the United States and Serbia, with the support of Studenica Foundation USA, Serbian National Federation of the United States, Serbian Cultural and Educational Society Prosvjeta Austria, Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad, Serbian Heritage Foundation and others.